by Shuffleboard

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We drove out to the woods with two microphones and two minds that needed clearing. Next to the wood stove in an old cabin, we wrote, rehearsed, and recorded these tunes.


released March 1, 2017

Shuffleboard is Dylan Cooper and Robbie Shirriff
Recorded at McBain Cabin
Engineered by Dylan Cooper
Mixed by Muskwa Lerat
Songs written by Shuffleboard (Dylan Cooper and Robbie Shirriff) except This Land is Your Land written by Woody Guthrie



all rights reserved


Shuffleboard Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

folk tunes from the prairies

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Track Name: Just for today
Capo 3

I got out of bed after I laid down to rest
went down to the river to dunk my weary head
every day I wake I will be my very best
today, I'm going to live for today

told you I loved you, don't need to hear it back
those parting words I spoke while my belongings I did pack
I meant every word, now I'm on those old train tracks
today, I'm going to live for today

today, just for today
oh for that I pray

skipped out on work instead I wrote this song
everything that we own will one day be gone
so I skipped out on work 'cause before the day is done
today, I'm going to live for today

I planted seeds and I'm gonna watch 'em grow
sowed them in the ground and into hearts of those I know
I planted seeds and I'm gonna watch 'em grow
today, I'm going to live for today

I heard through the grapevine of someone who was dying
that light was fading, now everybody's crying
appreciate the life out there and the one that you've been given
today, I'm going to live for today
Track Name: I've been drinkin'
D# Standard


I've got nowhere to go
so I'll just sit right here blowin' smoke
my head is clear for now but not for long
it's a wonder where all those barroom nights have gone

I've been drinking

my spirits are high, my spirits are low
my voice has no where else to go
I have had enough to think
not enough to fill my drink

now you know that I didn't mean
to spill my guts to you and in your kitchen sink
I may have said some things I may regret
but thankfully those words I'll soon forget

I'm sorry for my sobering thoughts
they flew right out of my mouth, they couldn't stop
now I bask in the morning light, the dreadful feeling I think we fought
I was playing it low key, but now my plans are shot

I've been drinking
Track Name: This land is your land
D# Standard


this land is your land
this land is my land
from Bonavista to Vancouver Island
from the Arctic Circle to the Great Lake waters
this land was made for you and me

as I went walking that Yellowhead highway
I saw above me that endless skyway
I saw below me that golden valley
this land was made for you and me

I roamed and rambled, I followed my footsteps
to the dusty sands of Okanagan deserts
while all around me a voice was sounding
this land was made for you and me

there's a big high wall there that tried to stop me
sign was painted said private property
but on the other side it didn't say nothin'
that side was made for you and me

one sunny morning in the shadow of a steeple
by the Inac office I'd seen my people
they stood there hungry and I stood there asking
is this land made for you and me?

nobody living can ever stop me
as I go walking that freedom highway
nobody living can make me turn back
this land was made for you and me